Vision & Mission

The Uppsala RNA Research Centre (URRC) was established in 2006. The vision of URRC is to develop and expand RNA research into deep knowledge-building in RNA biology/chemistry and to foster fruitful interactions between in-depth chemical/biological RNA knowledge and future biotechnological and medical innovation. We envision an environment that will have an impact on the society, in particular regarding improved quality of life in the future.

URRC encompasses high-quality research projects, many of cross-disciplinary nature, involving several departments, research programmes and strategic research environments within Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and also has many national and international collaborating partners in academia and industry. The centre also has a vital role to train and educate a new generation of top-level interdisciplinary scientists, whom will be well equipped to address future global challenges.

To implement our vision the research of URRC has been organized into three strategic thematic areas focusing on 1) infectious diseases and RNA; 2) systems biology and RNA; and 3) chemical biology and RNA.

The Centre is a Linnaeus environment, funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Welcome to URRC!

Anders Virtanen
Director, URRC Scientific Committee